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Umakala - Shipyard and Trailer intro scene

One of my early work for "Umakala" project. On these scenes I was responsible for aspects from layout to final render (animations and still-frame). Had a pretty short time frame for both of these, about 3 weeks in total.

Look-dev was done in collaboration with Pavel Kandibey -
Some props were made by Vladimir Khadyko (Info in captions), whom also helped me out with technical issues
Project Coordinator - Alex Melentiev -

Vitaly varna shipyard mainshot vitalyvarna
Vitaly varna shipyard shot frame1 vitalyvarna

Flythrough frame - 1

Vitaly varna shipyard shot frame2 vitalyvarna

Flythrough frame - 2

Vitaly varna shipyard shot frame3 vitalyvarna

Flythrough frame - 3. Modelling of top rings,vertical cylindrical structures, and bottom base was handled by Vladimir Khadyko.


Vitaly varna umakala trailerintro 1 vitalyvarna

Trailer Intro scene. Frames from the animation below.

Vitaly varna umakala trailerintro 2 vitalyvarna
Vitaly varna umakala trailerintro 3 vitalyvarna
Vitaly varna umakala trailerintro 4 vitalyvarna
Vitaly varna shipyard ship vitalyvarna

Battleship thats present in the shipyard. Left image is matte painted by Erik Tserenov. Very rough detailing on the model.